Lilias John

Financial Wellness Coach

Charlotte, NC, USA


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Hey there! I’m Lilias, and when it comes to money matters, I’m your go-to person. With a strong focus on money management and debt payoff, I’ve honed my skills in budgeting, saving, investing, to help you achieve financial goals. Throughout my own life, I’ve achieved some significant milestones that have shaped my expertise. I’m currently paying off $50k in debt, at over $2k you can follow along my journey on my IG, and even better start your own journey! Additionally, I’m also a real estate consultant with 20 years in the industry, managing over 200 homes as a Property Manager, purchasing and selling four homes for a profit exceeding $500k as a Developer and leveraging over $90 million of city funding into $4.5 billion of commercial development as a Public Private Partnership Advisor for the City of Charlotte. What sets me apart is my hands-on experience in overcoming financial challenges. I understand the struggles of debt repayment and the thrill of reaching financial milestones. My unique journey equips me with the knowledge and empathy to guide others in their financial journey. I specialize in assisting individuals who have taken the first steps towards financial stability but are seeking expert advice to propel them further. Whether you’re looking to tackle debt, save for a home, or enhance your investment portfolio, I’m here to provide tailored guidance and support. If you’re ready to take control of your finances and achieve your money goals, I’m here to help you every step of the way. Let’s work together to turn your financial dreams into a reality!

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