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Vill Miranda

Personal Development & Leadership Coach

San Diego, CA, USA

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My name is Vill, and I am a personal development expert with a passion for leadership, mindset, success, business, branding, marketing, and communication. With a diverse professional background and a wealth of experience, I am uniquely qualified to provide valuable advice and guidance in these areas. My journey began when I joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen, making me one of the youngest to ever enlist. This experience instilled in me a strong sense of discipline, determination, and leadership, which has been the foundation of my success. After my time in the military, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and founded Streamline Events, an entertainment company that thrived for an impressive 26 years. As the owner and founder, I honed my skills in business management, branding, and marketing, achieving remarkable success in the industry. In addition to my entrepreneurial endeavors, I have also pursued a career as a licensed respiratory therapist for the past 18 years. This role has allowed me to develop exceptional communication skills and a deep understanding of the importance of personal well-being. Combining my expertise in personal development with my healthcare background, I am able to provide a holistic approach to helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals. I am currently seeking opportunities to work with individuals or businesses who are looking for an outside perspective and are open to being mentored or coached. My unique blend of experiences and skills enables me to offer valuable insights and strategies that can drive personal and professional growth. If you are ready to take your personal development journey to the next level, I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. Together, we can unlock your full potential and achieve the success you desire.


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StreamLine Events Pro

Oct 1994 - Mar 2020

Cryptologic Tech


Jul 1996 - Nov 2000

Respiratory Therapist

SHARP Healthcare

Oct 2005 - current


The High Profile Coach

Oct 2015 - current


Associate of Science (AS)

Respiratory Sciences


Apr 2003 - Sep 2005

Licenses & Certifications

Respiratory Care Practitioner

Respiratory Care Board of California

Issued Oct 2005

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