Shirin Shahin

Product Marketing Strategist

Boston, MA, USA

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I have over 10 years of experience in product marketing at larger enterprise companies like Constant Contact and Brightcove. Now, I am bringing this expertise to organizations who are either starting to build their product marketing foundation or grow it. I work with a range of companies from early stage technology startups to larger organizations. Main areas of focus: product/market fit, positioning & messaging, sales enablement, driving product launches, creating frameworks/systems around product launches. • I enjoy being creative in developing and executing on programs. • I strive to keep the customer top of mind in all that I do. • I am focused on ensuring a consistent product/brand voice across all channels. • I enjoy working with sales teams who want to have even more effective conversations. • I love collaborating with a mission driven, passionate team to reach goals. and...of course, I LOVE Product Marketing. Why me? What have my clients said: 🤝🏻 Ongoing collaboration 😇 Integrity & honesty 👩🏻‍💻 Vision for product marketing 🙌🏼 Extension of our team 💡 Instant impact 🗣️ Strong communication skills

About my sessions:

  • I speak with: VP's/Heads of Marketing, CMOs, Heads of Product Marketing, or product marketing individual contributors

  • Topics include: positioning & messaging, sales enablement, product launches, product/market fit, priorities & goal setting, team dynamics, influencing other teams.

  • My experience: I have owned my own consultancy for 4+ years, working with clients across industries.

  • Happy to also talk about those considering starting their own business - what I have learned, tips, best practices, lead gen etc.

  • I offer both advisory services and execution of the work itself.

  • I have 30 minute and 1 hour options available.


product marketing

product/market fit

positioning & messaging

Product launches

sales enablement



Founder & Product Marketing Leader

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Sep 2007 - May 2009

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