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Elevate your relationships with personalized coaching from RU Coached. We empower individuals, couples, and professionals to enhance their emotional intelligence, communication skills, and relationship dynamics through our tailored coaching programs. Whether you're seeking to build stronger bonds, navigate challenges, or achieve personal and professional growth, RU Coached is your trusted partner for thriving relationships. RU Coached is a coaching practice that offers executive coaching, romantic, and non-romantic relationship coaching services. Individuals, couples, and professionals learn to apply attributes of emotional intelligence (EQ) necessary to build, repair, and sustain the relationships that matter most. Each package is designed to promote individual and collective growth. If you seek support in your relationship space, please visit our website to identify and choose the package that best supports your goals! Executive and Workplace Coaching We offer executive coaching for C-suite executives who need support cultivating more cohesive team environments. We work with leaders interested in building teams where individuals feel valued and want to contribute to organizational success. Using the attributes of emotional intelligence to build and strengthen teams leads to increased retention and mitigates attrition. Most importantly, productivity and profitability goals are more likely to be realized. Non-Romantic Relationship Coaching For those who desire support addressing conflict resolution between the client and one other non-romantic individual. You desire to repair a strained relationship with a family member or friend. You desire to address and work through the issues, while simultaneously learning to apply the attributes of emotional intelligence that can provide the foundation necessary for the relationship to survive. ​ Romantic Relationship Coaching For those who want to communicate effectively and learn to successfully navigate the challenges of marital or dating relationships, while learning to apply the attributes of emotional intelligence to build and solidify your relationship foundation. ​Maintenance Coaching Maintenance coaching sessions are available to check in, to sustain your progress, or to introduce new areas for coaching for a discounted rate after our work together.




Founder RU Coached LLC

RU Coached LLC

Aug 2016 - current

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Certified Life and Engagement Coach

Anne Arundel Community College

Life and Engagement Coaching

Sep 2019 - May 2020

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