Rachel Wainer

Workshop & Meeting Design Specialist

South Orange, NJ, USA

Expert Bio

Hello, my name is Rachel and I design transformative learning experiences that make participants more willing and better able to adopt behaviors that will enhance their workplace performance and overall wellbeing. My expertise lies in meeting and presentation design, workshop design, retreat design, strengths-based development, psychological safety, leading effective meetings, time crafting, feedback conversations, and building high-performing teams. My professional journey began in the field of education, training, and adult learning. As a college student affairs professional, I successfully created university-wide interventions to decrease the harm of drug and alcohol use and lower the rates of campus sexual violence. This early experience provided me with a rich understanding of development and the importance of designing research-based interventions for behavior change. I then transitioned into workplace leadership as a training facilitator for New York City public agencies. In this role, I created and delivered workshops on personality styles, communication, challenging conversations, goal setting, performance coaching and feedback, intergenerational dynamics, and supervision fundamentals. I also created and led the Challenging Conversations in the Workplace and Fearless Feedback seminars for the NYC School Construction Authority, helping managers at all levels create a culture of honest feedback and rich dialogue. Currently, I am a faculty member at the American Management Association, where I designed the How to Manage Challenging Conversations and Psychological Safety: An Imperative for High Performing Teams, both of which I also teach. My unique background in education, training, and adult learning equips me with a deep understanding of workplace behavior and the skills necessary to create inclusive, impactful learning experiences. I am the ideal candidate for anyone planning an important meeting, workshop, or team retreat -- or someone who regularly runs meetings and is wanting to increase their effectiveness and overall team performance. Thank you for considering me as your partner in creating transformative learning experiences. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


transformative learning experiences

meeting design

presentation design

workshop design

psychological safety

strengthsbased development


M.S. in Education

The College of Saint Rose

College Student Development

B.A. in Organizational Communication

Marist College

Public Relations & Psychology

Licenses & Certifications

Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach


Issued Sep 2023

Social Styles Practioner


Issued Jul 2018

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner

Myers & Briggs Foundation

Issued Mar 2015

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