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Relationship Anxiety and Non Monogamy Coach

Orlando, FL, USA


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Hey! I’m Paige Bond (she/her). I'm a non monogamy and relationship anxiety therapist and coach. I help millennials overcome people-pleasing so they can reconnect when thrown off balance. I created the Jealousy to Joy Journey, leading clients to 5 destinations so they can tame their jealousy and love with ease. I’m recognized as one of’s best relationship coaches of 2023, featured in various media outlets such as Medium and The Knot so I can share my advice on improving relationships and navigating consensual non-monogamy. Something you should know about me is that I’m obsessed with love. Like, I grew up reading Nicholas Sparks and dreaming about the day I would find my “one true love.” (Little did I realize - that was a fairytale, and love requires a bit more effort than singing to birds and waiting for love at first sight. AND love can look different than the mono-hetero-norm presented in media.) And then…I cracked the code to a kickass relationship: it's all about keeping it real and finding a partner(s) who's ready to grow alongside you. As a recovering people-pleaser, I know what it’s like to go against my own instincts just to please someone else. I knew I couldn’t take it any longer… …And that I couldn’t be the ONLY ONE going through this so I got my thinking cap on to crack the code. Now I’m able to teach my clients how to balance the kind of relationship they want to create, while also making sure their needs are met.




Licensed Marriage Therapist & Relationship Coach
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University of Central Florida

Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy

Aug 2015 - Aug 2018

Licenses & Certifications

Marriage and Family Therapy

Couples Counseling of Central Florida

Issued Aug 2020

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