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Cleveland, OH, USA


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I have a 12 week Coaching program designed to help women 35 and over lose up to #20’s, rebalance hormones and never have to lose the weight again. HERE'S WHY IT WORKS: It works because it’s a unique combination of learning how to balance healthier lifestyle changes with meals, metabolics, movement and mindset training based on our clinical experiences helping women over 35 lose weight and keep it off while not feeling deprived. HERE'S WHY IT'S DIFFERENT: It’s different from everything you’ve tried before because it’s actually designed for women experiencing unique body changes due to fluctuating hormones. Unlike other programs designed for younger women, we get right to the heart of individual issues women over 35 face so you can FINALY get your desired results. LONG TERM STRATEGY MFU is designed to help you create a diet, exercise and lifestyle plan that is is tailored to your unique hormonal, metabolic and psychological needs. This will allow you to tap into your natural female metabolic advantage to finally get the results you want - ones that will stick for the long-term and is designed so that you never need to find another program again. NUTRITION TRAINING We teach a foundation called “Beyond The Scale”, which helps you learn your own biofeedback and how it responds to certain foods so you can eat without restrictions and stress free for good. With this foundation, anything we try will backfire and you’ll end up discouraged, want to give up, OR WORSE, you will gain back any weight you do lose. MINDSET Did you know that weight loss and body transformation starts in the brain? This is why we incorporate Mindset Coaching like no other! The reason people fail to lose weight and keep it off is because they haven’t learned how to change their mindset, which controls their way of thinking and ultimately determines their success. This program teaches how to change routines in order to create healthier habits to meet your goals and become the person you want to be. HERE'S ’s WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Private message me and I'll be happy to share all the details!

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