Mauricio Poppe

Software Engineer, Kubernetes specialist and Kubecon speaker

New York, NY, USA

Expert Bio

I'm Mauricio, a seasoned Software Engineer with a rich and diverse background in the web development stack. Over the past years, I've cultivated expertise in frontend development for 4+ years, backend for 2+ years, and, most recently, immersed myself in infrastructure development for 4+ years with a focus on Kubernetes. One of my deepest passions is mentorship, which I view as a two-way street for personal and professional growth. Leveraging my diverse experiences, I have led cross-team projects that not only brought self-fulfillment but also left a lasting impact. I have hosted multiple interns delivering short-term projects on time, and have mentored new joiner engineers and engineers in other teams. These initiatives have been pivotal in shaping my own career trajectory. As someone driven by action, I thrive on producing tangible outcomes. In our mentorship journey, I'm committed to providing actionable insights and fostering an environment where progress isn't just discussed but actively pursued. Expect each meeting to culminate with concrete action items 📝, setting the stage for continuous development and success. My bio: During my college years, my passion for programming led me to participate in competitive programming, my team won the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest twice in my home country Bolivia and secured a top 15 ranking in Latin America. This experience not only deepened my understanding of computational algorithms but also instilled in me a drive for self-fulfillment through hard work and dedication. Recognizing the distinction between programming competitions and real-world software development, I delved into frontend side projects, particularly in Computer Graphics and Data Visualizations. Some of my projects were features in JavaScript magazines, or used in popular JavaScript engines like ThreeJS, and even contributed to academic pursuits as part of engineering theses. Currently, I'm an engineer in the Google Kubernetes Engine Storage team, where I make sure that file and block storage are available where a Kubernetes Pod is scheduled. I'm a 2x Kubecon speaker and I hold a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Computing Systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I'm excited about sharing experiences and navigating the path to success together. Let's embark on this journey soon!


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Senior Software Engineer


Jan 2021 - current

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Master of Science in Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

Computing Systems

Jan 2019 - Dec 2022

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