Maliquea Starnes

Business Operations for Sustainable Success

Raleigh, NC, USA

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Driven by her unwavering commitment to helping fellow visionaries thrive, Maliquea harnesses her wealth of experience, intuitive insights, and deep understanding of business dynamics to guide and support entrepreneurs who find themselves alone as the CEO and leader of their company. Her remarkable journey has imbued her with a unique ability to recognize the right strategies and spot the perfect talent needed for sustainable growth and success. Combining her practical know-how with a genuine passion for creating balanced and inspired lives, Maliquea approaches her advisory sessions with a refreshing blend of professionalism, wit, and enthusiasm. She believes that business success should never come at the expense of personal well-being, and she guides her clients towards the delicate equilibrium between professional achievements and a fulfilling, purpose-driven existence. As a trusted confidante and mentor, Maliquea infuses her advisory sessions with an unwavering dedication to her clients' growth and happiness. Whether it's pinpointing the next best steps, fine-tuning strategies, or assisting in hiring decisions, she provides sage advice that empowers entrepreneurs to transform their businesses while nourishing their own well-being.

About my sessions:

  • 💡 Clarity Session - Eliminate, Automate, and Delegate your way to true relief in your business

  • ⚙️ Process Improvement Session - Streamline Your Workflows and Custom Systems Recommendations

  • 📝 Planning Session - Expert planning support for your next Project or Goal

  • 🧠 Mindset Support Session - Transform the limiting beliefs holding you back from experiencing freedom and ease in your business


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Licenses & Certifications

Certified Life & Success Coach, NLP


Issued Sep 2020

Certified Wedding and Event Planner

The Bridal Society

Issued Feb 2016

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