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I HELP PEOPLE GO FROM HIDING TO SHINING BRIGHTLY. • Overcome your inner critics and believe in yourself. • Tap into the talent inside of you to reach your full potential. • Develop your individual roadmap to achieve the life you love. ARE YOU SAYING TO YOURSELF: • Deep down, I know I can succeed, but I am so frustrated and don’t know what to do next. • I am self-sabotaging myself and I am frozen which is costing me time, opportunities and money. • I need someone who understands my situation and can help me make sense of it all. • I am stressed and overwhelmed. • My mind is racing but I don’t know what to do. • I just want some peace in my life. • I want to somehow have balance in my life because I am missing out on things that are important to me. I can help you ease your path to find your answers and develop your own roadmap for success on your terms. Imagine waking up feeling confident in who you are and what you are doing everyday.  WHAT DO I PROVIDE YOUR AS A COACH AND STRATEGIST? I listen to you during our conversations and ask thought-provoking, mindful and tough questions, some of which you might be avoiding. It is diving deeper within yourself to gain courage and confidence to face any fears and learn how to overcome them, because new fears will surface each time that you grow and reach the edge of your comfort zone.  Our conversations may include laughter, sadness, and realizations. We will talk about emotional blocks that you may have or why you have lost your enthusiasm and motivation. Make goals and plans with your branding, marketing strategies. You receive various tools for your journey of creative insight, exercises and support for your individual requirements. WHAT DO I BRING TO THE TABLE FOR YOU AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH MY PROCESS? • Different perspectives. Straight talk. Laughter and fun. Curiosity. • I bring a balanced creative, logical, and well-rounded perspective.  • Over 30 years of wisdom, education, and experience: - as an interior designer; - owner and operator of a successful company specializing in design, marketing, branding, and communications for local, national and international clients for over 20 years; - Ongoing entrepreneurship as an artist, art business coach and creativity and mindset mentor. • I live inspired with a curiosity to learn, which includes ongoing coaching training and development in clarity, creativity, thought leadership, meditation, and mindful self-care. • I bring an intuition and understanding of human nature and how to help people. • I listen and care passionately about helping people rise higher together to find their meaning, achieve their goals, and loving their life. • I love one-on-one conversations so you have my focused attention for your individual needs. • The desire to see you flourish with the combination of your creative and humanistic capabilities. ---------- I HAVE BEEN THERE: I have been where you are with the emotional roller coaster and feeling lost creatively and with most aspects of my life. I tend to take on the energy around me and a lot of that energy is negative. I was stuck. I was struggling. I didn’t know what to do. My thoughts were filled with overwhelm and self-doubt. I was isolated and lonely. Frustrated and tearful. How do I move forward and build a life that I love? And then, add on aging. What is going on? I was struggling to put on a good show on the outside. After being frozen for a long time, I started slowly exploring different things and searching for answers of what I should, (or a better word - could) be doing. I was researching, studying, reading, creatively exploring, spending time in nature, and being silent to listen and breathe. My process was not a straight line by any means. Advance, retreat, and keep on desperately searching as one part within my multi-dimensional personality had to somehow click with something to be able to move forward. It finally did! Slowly my clarity evolved, my perspective shifted with new priorities, how to feel at ease with myself, and how I can live my life inspired and fulfilled. It is still a journey with changes and I find comfort in discovering how to manage life’s challenges and my thoughts. This is an enlightening learning experience and I want you to be able to find your personal and unique way to move forward in your life with self love, grace and eager anticipation too.



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