Lamar Nava

GTM Recruitment and Customer Success Specialist

New York, NY, USA


technology companies



customer success


leadership roles

Expert Bio

Lamar Nava is a highly accomplished professional recognized for their expertise in scaling technology companies, with a particular emphasis on sales, customer success, and recruitment. With an extensive background in leadership roles at Betts, Lamar has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to foster team growth, drive client satisfaction, and spearhead strategic initiatives to propel companies to new heights. As the Director of Customer Success at Betts since 2016, Lamar not only oversaw the Customer Success and Surge Recruitment teams but also played a pivotal role in scaling operations. Lamar was instrumental in doubling the size of the CS team while maintaining an impressive 95% employee retention rate. Under their guidance, Lamar achieved outstanding KPIs, such as NPS averaging 60+, a retention rate averaging 88%, 100% net expansion, and a 50% increase in product adoption. Lamar's visionary leadership was central in developing new product offerings that effectively doubled contract value and significantly increased product adoption. Collaborating with the CTO, COO, and CRO, Lamar co-established a comprehensive GTM offering, pricing model, and product enhancements, contributing significantly to the company's growth and market positioning. With a strong foundation in recruitment and customer success, Lamar's tenure as the Manager of Customer Success and Director of Recruitment showcased their talent for implementing effective strategies. Lamar successfully grew the CS team to 9, introducing comprehensive onboarding strategies that significantly shortened the ramp-up time for new hires. Furthermore, they were instrumental in launching the beta testing of Betts' new SaaS product, Connect. Lamar's exceptional track record in scaling technology companies is further complemented by a background in Corporate Communications from The University of Texas at Austin. Proficient in various tools and systems, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and LinkedIn Recruiter, Lamar's commitment to continuous improvement is evident through the completion of programs such as Frontline AE Management and DEI Core training. A dynamic and accomplished professional, Lamar Nava embodies a unique blend of strategic vision, leadership, and an innate ability to drive successful growth strategies, particularly in scaling technology companies within the realms of sales, customer success, and recruitment.



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