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I am John, a Marketing Strategist with over 31 years of experience guiding businesses towards effective marketing strategies. Throughout my career, I have specialized in helping businesses navigate away from random acts of marketing and towards targeted and impactful approaches. With 27 years of experience in insurance and investments, I possess a unique understanding of this industry as well.. As an RV enthusiast, I have also mastered the art of working while traveling, utilizing mobile work technology and hacks to ensure productivity on the go. If you are thinking of buying an RV, talk to me first I may save you a great deal of money and heartache. Throughout my professional journey, I have achieved numerous milestones and accomplishments. I am proud to be a part owner in three successful businesses, where I have leveraged the power of AI to automate my work and save valuable time. Recently, I have embarked on a new venture as a marketing advisor, working closely with professional service businesses to optimize their operations and improve their flow. One of my notable achievements includes assisting multiple business owners in revamping their workshops to create video products and memberships, enhancing their customer relationship management and overall business operations. In addition to my expertise in marketing strategy, I also possess a deep understanding of insurance and financial products. I can provide valuable guidance in choosing the right insurance and financial solutions for businesses and individuals. I can also help you improve your personal and business credit profiles. I am passionate about simplifying complex marketing technologies and strategies for my clients. I understand that running a business requires focus, and the "video and marketing thing" should not be a time-consuming effort. My goal is to remove the barriers of technology and help my clients get back to what truly matters - serving their chosen audience. When it comes to business videos, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs. Whether you are unsure where to start, need assistance in incorporating a marketing strategy that aligns with your personal style, or simply want to simplify the process of creating videos, live streaming, and webinars, I have got you covered. I will ensure that your social media platforms are optimized to work seamlessly with your videos, allowing you to build a larger local following and attract more of your perfect customers. What sets me apart is my extensive experience as a business strategist, my ability to implement the perfect plan for each client, and my commitment to providing simple, genuine, and authentic solutions. With over 30 years of deep marketing background, I have honed my skills in strategic video marketing, marketing strategy, integrated marketing, and digital marketing. I typically work with professional service businesses with annual revenues ranging from $1M to $30M. However, I also enjoy working with smaller businesses, assisting them in streamlining their systems and processes. Additionally, my experience in insurance and personal finance allows me to provide valuable insights in those areas. If you are ready to simplify your marketing efforts, create impactful business videos, and achieve sustainable growth, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let's get your message in front of your audience and focus on what truly matters to them.





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