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Janine Lee, also known as “Jetset Janine” has traveled to 6 continents and over 100 countries and has 13.3K+ followers on Instagram. She is truly a travel expert as a Lecturer at UC Berkeley’s MBA program for their Seminar in International Business program in South Africa where she immerses students in a new culture to understand the socioeconomics of doing business in a new country. In addition to traveling, she loves food and has a diverse palette from food trucks, hole in the walls, to fine dining. Janine has been to 100 Michelin Stars all over the world. As a microinfluencer, Janine partners with local, national, and global hotels, restaurants, and experiences around the world. She also has a strong academic and business background receiving her MBA from UC Berkeley and her Doctorate in Education from USC. I'm offering sessions on any food and travel tips for any of the countries I've been to. Feel free to ask me anything for 15 or 30 minutes especially if you have questions about solo female travel, couple travel, and interesting countries off the beaten path!

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