James Friscia

AI Research Leader & Tech Product Scaling Expert

San Diego, CA, USA




former strategy consultant

gaming product director

ai research leader


Expert Bio

Hello, I'm James, a former strategy consultant, turned gaming product director, turned AI research leader. I am currently CEO and Cofounder of CoNote (, a platform redefining research with AI. I am passionate about launching and scaling technical products (as well as surfing!). Book a session with me if: A) You want to talk about the latest trends in AI for insights / research. B) You want to dive deep on the business of gaming. C) You are thinking about founding a tech or AI company from zero and want to form a playbook (or just hear about the many things that I did both right and wrong). D) You are interested in how I transitioned out of corporate to build a successful consulting practice. I have worked across the world for Fortune 500 companies, unicorns, & small startups. I have sat as advisor, in house corporate leader, and founder. In all instances, I have seen time and time again how uncovering insights from users/customer and detecting broader market signals is critical to success. Looking forward to our potential session together!

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