Isabel Varela

Business Growth Strategist | Life and Mindset Coach

New York, NY, USA


Life Coaching | Business Coaching | Work Life Balance | Holistic Wellness | Emotional Intelligence | Sustainability Expert

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Hi there! I'm thrilled to introduce myself—I'm Isabel Varela! Before emerging as a transformative force and successful entrepreneur at the crossroads of holistic lifestyle, sustainability, personal empowerment, and the fashion industry, I experienced a rock-bottom moment. Financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I found myself in $100k debt from clothing, at the risk of homelessness, and my car on the brink of repossession. However, I successfully turned my life around and now proudly hold the position of CEO and Founder of Repurpose Your Life LLC. In this role, I seamlessly integrate my expertise as a certified life and mindset coach, business strategist, driving operational excellence, forging strategic partnerships, and fostering impactful community building. I am here to guide you in transforming your life and business around your gifts and talents, all while making a positive impact in your community and the world. Having been featured on major media platforms such as Vogue, CNN, and more, my influence extends across mental health and wellness, personal development, and sustainable fashion innovation. With a track record of steering profitable businesses for over 16 years, I possess a unique entrepreneurial superpower—turning abstract ideas into money-making impact machines. From pioneering my first business at the age of 12 to rapidly growing a client's production factory by $40K in 8 weeks, my innovation shines. Collaborating with industry giants like LVMH, I've played a pivotal role in creating corporate social responsibility, meeting annual goals, and making a positive impact on the planet. Working with retailers like Balmain, I successfully increased revenue by an impressive 38%. Yet, I remain deeply committed to community-centered pursuits, volunteering my expertise to start-up incubators and collaborating with sustainability-focused coalitions. I create experiences that bridge the gap between sustainability, health and wellness, and impactful social and financial outcomes, guiding hundreds of women entrepreneurs to transition out of their 9 to 5 and build a life and business around their gifts and talents. My extensive gifts and talents have graced the stages of over 25 global platforms, including Ford, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Columbia University. Recently featured as a sustainable life and mindset expert on AccuWeather, Reuters, and NY1, my latest venture, Repurpose Your Life, is actively transforming the lives of women entrepreneurs. This includes diverting over 3,000 tons of textile waste and building a community of 2,000 amazing humans. I'm eagerly looking forward to connecting with you!




CEO | Founder

Repurpose Your Life

Dec 2022 - current

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Life and Mindset Coach | Professional Speaker

Isabel Varela

Jan 2016 - current

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Apparel Design, Textiles, and Merchandising

Louisiana State University


Aug 2004 - May 2008

Business Administration

Louisiana State University


Aug 2004 - May 2008

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Life Coach Certification

The Dallas Training Institute

Issued May 2017

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