Emily Brooks

Senior Partner Marketing Manager & Career Development Coach

New York, NY, USA


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Hi, I'm Emily, a Senior Partner Marketing Manager with expertise in Partner Marketing, Technology Companies, Startups, Partnerships, and Career Development. With a passion for professional development and a track record of success, I have secured three promotions in just seven years, propelling my career from a customer service representative making $35,000/year to a Senior Partner Marketing Manager earning over $150k/year with multiple forms of company equity. My journey began in the startup world, where I honed my skills as a customer success representative at an e-commerce startup. There, I learned the importance of professional communication, managing priorities, balancing a high workload, and networking across the company. Recognizing my affinity for brand relationships, I was promoted to a brand manager, overseeing multiple retailer and brand relationships to drive sales and negotiate better economics. This experience introduced me to the power of partnerships within an organization. Seeking new challenges and company culture, I joined Greenhouse Software as a partnerships coordinator, immersing myself in the world of integration partnerships as a program manager. This role allowed me to deepen my understanding of product and company strategy, optimizing our partner program to streamline onboarding, scale partner information, and foster successful joint goals. As our team merged with the Marketing department, I took on the role of Partner Marketing Manager, spearheading the development of the program from scratch. Collaborating cross-functionally with other marketing departments, I implemented impactful partner marketing initiatives such as newsletters, webinars, blogs, and events. Through my efforts, I successfully scaled the program, identifying the most effective strategies for driving leads and revenue through partnerships. Currently, at Navan (formerly known as TripActions), I continue to make significant contributions as the only partner marketer at the company. Managing partner marketing across Expense partnerships, channel partnerships, and strategic alliances, I have played a pivotal role in building our channel partner program from the ground up. By establishing crucial assets and systems, I have ensured the program's growing success. Notably, I have also served as the marketing lead for our company's most strategic partnership to date with a major bank, crafting compelling joint messaging and pitch materials, developing omnichannel marketing launch plans, and devising ongoing strategies for long-term success. With my extensive experience and expertise, I am uniquely qualified to provide guidance to individuals early in their careers who aspire to transition into different departments or break into the tech industry. I am passionate about helping others excel in partnerships and marketing, offering valuable insights into building marketing strategies, navigating ambiguity, project management, and program management. My other passions and skills outside of the workplace involve personal budgeting, investing and building wealth, makeup and beauty, and interior design. If you are seeking a confident and understanding professional who can drive results and deliver exceptional outcomes, I'd love to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals and if there's a fit.


Partner Marketing Manager

Greenhouse Software

Jul 2018 - Nov 2021

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Partner Marketing Manager


Nov 2021 - Oct 2023

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Bachelors of Science in Business

Miami University of Ohio

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