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David Arrell

Parenting & Partnership Coach

Fairfax, VA, USA







Life Transition

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I'm a Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience helping people grow & thrive in today’s complex landscape of overlapping career, partnership, and parenting challenges. I believe that you can achieve more. More authenticity. More alignment. More empowerment. More expansion. More YOU. That you can shine brighter and show up more fully. That you can make a few small but strategic shifts to start building a life that integrates your values, your purpose, and your passion more coherently. That you can move away from patterns of anxiety and avoidance and lean more fully into authenticity and alignment. And most importantly, that you can start doing so TODAY. I hold multiple credentials in Coaching and Leadership Development, but most importantly have years of real world experience as an Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer, Relationship Coach, and parent and partner too. I've written a book, Welcome To Fatherhood: The Modern Man's Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Fatherhood, and am also the founder and co-host of Baby Talk w/ Katie & David, a podcast dedicated to supporting the pregnancy to early parenthood journey for both mothers and fathers alike. I currently live in Northern Virginia with my wife, Jennifer, 2 young children, Justin & Dottie, and our Chocolate Lab, Johnny Biscuits.

About my sessions:

  • Designed to support busy professionals who want to take more ownership and action to improve their lives and relationships.

  • A great fit for those struggling with the competing challenges of career, relationship, and/or parenting demands.

  • Best for those who are ready to take action but don't quite know what the best next step may be.

  • 30-min sessions are better for simpler or single issue challenges, longer sessions are better for more complex scenarios.

  • Strictly confidential, judgment-free, and oriented to you achieving success on your terms.




Founder & CEO

Welcome To Fatherhood

Jan 2017 - current

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Founder & CEO

Catalyst Coaching Works

Jan 2018 - current

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Founder & CEO

Good Karma Cafe

Apr 2007 - Oct 2016

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Bachelor's of Science

University of Delaware


Aug 1991 - May 1996

Master's of Arts

California Institute of Integral Studies

Philosophy & Religion

Aug 1997 - May 2000

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Executive Coach

Polarity Partnership

Issued Mar 2021

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Meta-Leadership & Conflict Resolution

Harvard University

Issued Jan 2023

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Leading & Communicating Purposefully

McChrystal Group

Issued Jan 2023

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Mental Health Ally

Psych Hub

Issued Jan 2023

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