Danyah Aossey

Brand Strategy & Content Specialist

Tempe, AZ, USA


content management

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Expert Bio

With over 13 years of experience in content creation and management, Danyah Aossey has established herself as a powerhouse in the realm of digital marketing. Her journey began with a passion for storytelling, leading her to work alongside industry giants such as Garyvee on Team Garyvee for 2 years. Throughout her career, Danyah has collaborated with renowned brands including SKII, P&G Olay, WeWork, Coolhaus, NBCUniversal, Fanatics, and more, as well as high-impact CEOs like Garyvee, Morgan DeBaun, and Victoria Browne. Danyah's expertise lies in building personal brands for CEOs, utilizing her unique skills to craft compelling content strategies tailored for growth. She is recognized for her exceptional video editing prowess, adeptly weaving together short-form and long-form content to captivate audiences. Danyah's keen eye for identifying pivotal moments within content ensures maximum engagement and drives action among viewers. Noteworthy projects in Danyah's portfolio include her agency's role in launching podcasts such as Morgan Debaun's The Journey, which skyrocketed to become a Top 10 Entrepreneurship podcast within a year. Additionally, her strategic approach to social media content has generated over 2.4 million monthly views for podcasts such as Real Pod with Victoria Browne, with an impressive client average of 800k views per month. At the core of her work, Danyah upholds values of strategic planning and customization. She believes in a strategy-first approach, emphasizing the importance of tailored content strategies that align with each brand's unique identity and goals. By meticulously optimizing content workflows and implementing customized strategies, Danyah empowers brands to achieve unparalleled growth and presence in the digital landscape.



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