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Hi there! My name is Cym (pronounced as Sam) and I am thrilled to share a little bit about myself with you! I am a passionate mental health advocate who loves to help women love who they are and what they do. I do this through my coaching program. It will help you beat challenges like Imposter Syndrome and those from ADHD. I have gained valuable insights and strategies from my own experiences. I am eager to share them with others. A key part of my work is helping people embrace their true selves! I firmly believe that when we are able to show up unmasked as our true selves, we can reach our full potential. Imposter Syndrome and its inner critic voices are often debilitating. But, I am here to guide you in overcoming them and regaining your confidence. When I'm not working, I run my own blog & Instagram page (@theimpostersyndromecoach). I share tips on self-acceptance and personal growth. I also spend a good amount of time at the beach with my puppy, Carly! If you are feeling stuck, unhappy with your career, or feel like your inner critic voices are just too loud... let's chat!




Imposter Syndrome Coach

Alli Rizacos Coaching

Jul 2020 - Jan 2024

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Imposter Syndrome + ADHD Coach

The Imposter Syndrome Coach Who Has Imposter Syndrome

Sep 2021 - current

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Level 1 ADHD Works Coach

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