Coralynn Weinrich

Fashion Operations Consultant, Digitalisation & AI Expert

Munich, Germany




Process Optimization

Operations Management

Expert Bio

Hi there! My name is Coralynn, and I'm a Fashion Operations Consultant with a passion for digitalization and AI. I've always been fascinated by the intersection of fashion and technology, and I've made it my mission to optimize processes and strategies within the industry and beyond. My journey began with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Fashion Design from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. During my studies, I specialized in the digitalization of the fashion industry and explored how it would revolutionize the way brands operate. Alongside my studies, I had the opportunity to work with various start-up fashion brands, gaining invaluable insights into their internal structures and operations. Early on, my digital skills were recognized, and I was entrusted with optimizing and digitalizing processes to make them faster and more effective. This experience gave me a deep understanding of the finance and logistics aspects of running a fashion brand. As I progressed in my career, I was appointed as Head of Operations, where I focused on streamlining processes between production, logistics, wholesale, customer service, and finance. I even took the initiative to write manuals and tutorials for new employees, ensuring their training was efficient and effective. Beyond my expertise in fashion operations, I'm also a tech enthusiast. I constantly explore the latest technologies and AI tools to improve workflows and enhance the overall efficiency of fashion brands. Additionally, I'm actively involved in the exciting world of web3 and blockchain, leveraging these emerging technologies to drive innovation within the industry. I'm uniquely qualified to provide advice and guidance to those who are just starting their fashion brands, fashion startups, or fashion designers who are still studying or have recently graduated. I also offer my expertise to individuals who want to understand and implement AI in their everyday life and work process. With a solid educational background in Fashion Design and a wealth of hands-on experience in various operational roles, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I'm excited to collaborate with individuals and brands who are eager to embrace the future of fashion and leverage technology to stay ahead of the curve.




Digitalisation & AI Consultant

Aug 2021 - current

Freelance Designer

Oct 2012 - current

Head of Operations


Feb 2020

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Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Dream Universe GmbH

Feb 2017

Assistant Head of Finance

Styla GmbH

Jul 2016

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Assistant Head of Sales

Front Row GmbH

Mar 2015

Assistant Head of Finance & Logistics

Front Row GmbH

Feb 2015


Master of Arts

University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin)

Fashion Design

Jan 2019

Bachelor of Arts

University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin)

Fashion Design

Jan 2014

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