Casey Wittstadt

Excel & Investment Specialist

Philadelphia, PA, USA


microsoft excel

excel specialist

complex formulas

visually appealing spreadsheets

userfriendly spreadsheets

options trading

Expert Bio

My name is Casey and I am a highly skilled professional with expertise in Microsoft Excel, beginner investing, real estate, and engineering. With a passion for numbers and problem-solving, I have dedicated my career to mastering the art of Excel and utilizing it to streamline processes and drive business success. As an Excel specialist, I have a deep understanding of the software's capabilities and have honed my skills through years of experience. From creating complex formulas and macros to designing visually appealing and user-friendly spreadsheets, I have the ability to transform raw data into valuable insights. My proficiency in Excel has allowed me to optimize workflows, increase efficiency, and make data-driven decisions that have had a significant impact on the organizations I have worked with. In addition to my Excel expertise, I have a strong background in beginner investing, options trading, and real estate. I have successfully navigated the world of investing, building a diverse portfolio and achieving impressive returns. My knowledge of the real estate market has enabled me to identify lucrative investment opportunities and make informed decisions that have resulted in substantial profits. With a degree in engineering, I possess a unique blend of technical skills and analytical thinking. I have a natural ability to break down complex problems and develop innovative solutions. My engineering background has provided me with a solid foundation in critical thinking, attention to detail, and project management, which I apply to every aspect of my work. What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous learning. I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and skillset. I thrive in fast-paced environments and have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results under pressure. In summary, I am a highly accomplished professional with expertise in Microsoft Excel, beginner investing, real estate, and engineering. My passion for numbers, problem-solving, and continuous improvement drives me to excel in everything I do. I am confident that my skills, experience, and dedication make me a valuable asset to any organization or project.




Design Engineer

ILC Dover

Jan 2018 - Oct 2021

Mechanical Engineer

Northrop Grumman

Oct 2021 - current


Bachelors of Science in Engineering

Philadelphia University


Aug 2013 - May 2017

Licenses & Certifications

Engineer in Training


Issued May 2018

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