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My name is Brock Olsen, I'm a leading dating expert who works with and has helped people from all over the world rediscover themselves, find love and build meaningful relationships. My passion for helping people find fulfilment in their personal lives and relationships has led me to create a range of online resources and coaching programs that provide valuable insights into the world of dating and relationships. Usually the types of people who reach out to me are looking to break cycles from past relationships, seeking guidance to overcome difficult dating issues, are not not sure how to go about dating with purpose, are tired of wasting their time in fruitless relationships, or they know what they want out of life and dating but can't seem to put the puzzle pieces together. In pulling from my education and background I consistently & confidently help my clients reach their goals. Psychology is a massive part of my education but I draw equally from my business practices, as well as my own life experiences, which allows me to not only guide my clients but allows me to uniquely empathize with their own situations. Over the years I have created several resources for these people that can be found on YouTube, radio, and social media. I also host 'Dating Today' a podcast about modern dating issues, which is available on all streaming platforms as well as YouTube.

About my sessions:

  • Impactful and approachable, my one-on-one sessions are opportunities for you to share past experiences and frustrations, experience healing, and work through a powerful plan that will help you be successful in your future dating experiences and relationships. It's not easy to share our frustrations or failures with someone who we barely know. My approach ensures a comfortable, safe, and non judgmental environment where we can connect about your past experiences. This allows us to identify the core issues that are holding you back from the life you want.



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