Baily Hancock

Community Architect & Strategist

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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I'm a super-connector, collaborator, and catalyst for community success. I'm confident that community, connection, and collaboration (or as I call them, “The 3 Cs to Saving Humanity”) are the keys to our survival as a species, as well as the quickest way to feel less alone in this world and succeed together. Most people get why “The 3 Cs” are important in theory, but lack the understanding of how to actually build community, connect with others, and collaborate vs compete - that’s where I come in. As a Community Architect and Strategist, I help individuals and organizations conceptualize, launch, and grow successful communities, acting as a guide from idea to implementation to iteration, and everything in between. I combine my MBA and operations mindset with three decades of experience both running communities and being a member of many to offer a well-rounded perspective on what makes communities and the people within them thrive. During my time as a Community Strategist at Mighty Networks, I supported hundreds of Community Creators with setting goals and measuring effectiveness, problem-solving and brainstorming new ideas, and acted as their trusted sounding board and Strategist. I also facilitated workshops, masterminds, and product training sessions to help people learn how to run successful communities and understand the intricacies and possibilities of the community-hosting platform. I now run my own company called Overlap Collective offering 1:1 consulting, Blueprints, Playbooks, and workshop facilitation. I share my thoughts and expertise on community, connection, and collaboration as a podcast guest and speaker, as well as in my keynote talk, Substack, podcast, and book-in-progress all by the same name, “Seeking the Overlap: Connecting Deeply in a Deeply Disconnected World”.




Community Strategist + Operations Manager

Mighty Networks

Feb 2022 - Dec 2023

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University of South FLorida

Entrepreneurship & Management

Jan 2009 - Dec 2010

Bachelors of Science

University of Florida

Recreation, Parks, & Tourism / Event Management

Aug 2003 - May 2007

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