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Hi, I'm Asti LaChae Phea, MSTC. I teach women strategies to monetize their passions using Technology + Astrology. My specialties are: • Social Media Marketing on - Facebook - Instagram - TikTok • Prompt engineering on - ChatGPT - Bing AI - Google BARD • Womb Focused Astrology for Women - Astrocartography: Relocation / Travel Astrology - Midheaven: Business / Career Astrology My goal is to empower women to work from home to spend more time with their families loved ones. My passion is equipping women with strategies and tools to create their business processes which honor the monthly sacred womb + earth and moon cycles. My expertise is a culmination of my education, professional experience, and my innate desire to learn everything about emerging tech and mysticism. I earned my Master of Science in Technical Communication (MSTC). My 15+ years of professional experience includes Management Consulting, Information Technology Project Coordination, Regulatory Compliance, Biotechnology Global Business Ethics, and Process Improvement. I'm a self taught astrologer and mystic. Since I was a child, I've been gazing at the starry galaxy and reading about Astronomy, Physics, and all things Spiritual and Esoteric. My hobbies are reading articles related to futurism, AI, and the occult; watching Asian Dramas, indulging in K-Pop subculture, and volunteering as a fandom admin for the best 4th-generation K-Pop leaders aka my favorite band, ATEEZ. Book a session with me if you want a customized workshop that will teach you how to - read your own astrology birth chart for marketing your business on social media - use generative AI to create the best hashtags based on your zodiac sign - use AI to monetize social media to generate income based on Business Astrology for your divinely gifted talents and hard earned skills - learn to use apps, new software, or technology to make your business processes easier


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Master of Science in Technical Communication

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