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Hi, I'm Anna Fishbeyn, an award-winning director, actress, speaker, author, comedian, and transformational coach. With a diverse range of talents and a passion for empowering others, I am thrilled to share my journey and accomplishments in the fields of filmmaking, public speaking, comedy, and gender equality. I am a passionate public speaker. I've been invited to speak at prestigious film festivals, such as the Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and many others. Most recently, I was a featured speaker at Girls Develop It, where I spoke about Transformational Feminism, AI, and Women in Tech. I recently received an Award for Courage by WomensENews for my work in helping to empower women at the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Gala, and spoke about the current challenges facing women today.   One of my most notable achievements is my role as the star and director of Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground, a groundbreaking sci-fi feminist comedy set in 2195, where women rule the world and men dream of getting married during a male beauty pageant. This film challenges gender norms and has garnered critical acclaim, screening at prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, and most recently premiered in New York City at the iconic Angelika Film Center. Enthusiastic reviews have described Galaxy 360 as "iconic," "a cult classic," "funniest movie out right now," and "the film that revolutionizes gender roles."  Most recently, the film and my work to empower women has been featured on national television in the U.S. and globally, including NBC, Local 3 News, CP24 (Canada), Ticker News (Australia), and Coworking Channel (France).   I got my training as an actress by getting up on stage and performing a solo show about motherhood, which I wrote about my life as a young stay-at-home artist mother. I learned everything about performing by diving in and learning to solve each obstacle on the go.  I bring this courage and faith in action to my work with my clients. My motto is: "Dive in before the fear sets in."  I was extremely fortunate because the play was well received, and I was dubbed "a comic genius" by WCBS Radio and was recommended by Bloomberg News, which gave me even more courage.  My second play, My Stubborn Tongue, about Russian immigrants in America, played off-Broadway in New York City and on West End in London, and was featured in the New York Times, recommended by the Huffington Post, the London Evening Standard, Time Out and many other publications.  I also appeared on Fox TV where I had the opportunity to speak and perform on live television. My TV appearance helped to sell out the entire run of My Stubborn Tongue in New York City. My passion for empowering women and driving gender equality has led me to found Movement 360 TV, a streaming platform that harnesses the power of film to impact social change. This platform offers short films, comedic content, empowering AI animations, live theater, transformational workshops, spirited events, and the Movement 360 Film Festival. By bringing together leaders and filmmakers, we aim to create real-world change through art. I also hold a Ph.D. in Literature of Philosophy and am the author of a critically acclaimed novel, The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield.  As a result of these diverse disciplines and trainings, I bring a unique perspective to my work in helping others discover their own path, passion, mission and courage in life. As a public speaker and transformational coach, I focus on your authentic confidence and untapped inner power. And I love spicing up speeches with humor, and using empathy and comedy to create a genuine connection with your audience. I am excited to connect with individuals who are open-minded and passionate about their goals. If you are ready to embrace your inner power and become a powerful warrior on stage, I am here to help you attain success.





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