Andrew Yeung

ex-Google & Facebook product leader. Investor, advisory, and community builder. Dubbed the "Gatsby of Silicon Alley" by Business Insider. Followed by 100k+ tech leaders online.

New York, NY, USA




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I'm an ex-Google and Facebook product leader turned immigrant entrepreneur, creator, and investor. Today, I host events to bring tech CEOs, executives, founders, operators, and investors together. I've produced 100+ events like parties, conferences, galas, and dinners for 25,000+ people in 7 cities. A lot of extraordinary people come: Founders of billion-dollar companies. Media personalities with millions of followers. Olympic athletes turned entrepreneurs. Etc. Companies like Fidelity, Silicon Valley Bank, and Techstars have sponsored my events. And I've been lucky enough to be featured on the front page of Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine, Morning Brew, and This Week in Startups for building community. Business Insider dubbed me the "Gatsby of Silicon Alley." I never read the book, but the title sure sounds cool. My online platform spans 100,000+ tech leaders, founders, and operators and reaches millions of impressions every month. With this platform, I've helped hundreds of founders raise money, hire talent, and scale their companies. Beyond that. I angel invest, write on Business Insider and my personal blog (, and speak about community building, startups, and tech careers. I recently guest lectured at Columbia Business School and spoke at Advertising Week 2023 and Jason Calanis's This Week in Startups podcast. Lastly, I help founders raise money from my deal-flow program (a network of 1,700+ investors at funds like a16z and Sequoia.) Areas of expertise: • Hosting world-class events • Advancing your career in tech • Landing a competitive tech job • Building a sustainable community • Developing your professional network • Building your personal brand (online / offline) • Building a Twitter and Linkedin following (and going viral!)


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