Amy Wong

Digital Marketing Leader | Growth Marketing Expert

San Mateo, CA, USA


digital marketing

demand generation

growth marketing

business analytics

conversion funnels

customer acquisition

Expert Bio

Amy brings over 15 years of extensive digital marketing expertise across various industries, including retail brands, SaaS companies, and startups. With a strong foundation in analytics and a growth-oriented mindset, she has successfully established global digital advertising programs from the ground up, effectively driving lead generation and revenue growth. In her most recent role at Snowflake, Amy played a pivotal role in building and scaling a digital demand generation growth engine. Under her leadership, the program achieved remarkable success, boasting over 100% response growth year over year, all while optimizing cost-per-response metrics. Prior to her time at Snowflake, Amy made significant contributions at DocuSign, where she spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking customer acquisition engine for trials. This initiative resulted in double-digit compound annual growth for five consecutive years, playing a key role in the company's successful IPO. Amy's abilities to leverage her insights is evident in her skillful creation of forecast models and optimize conversion funnels to align with and exceed business objectives. Whether at Snowflake, DocuSign, or any organization she has been a part of, Amy consistently applies her wealth of experience to drive strategic success. Hailing from Boston, Amy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Boston University and earned her MBA from Boston College. Amy moved to the Bay Area 10 years ago to enjoy the good California weather. When Amy isn't working, she can be found practicing kung fu and karate moves and improving on her rowing technique.



Boston College

Management of Information Systems and Accounting

Bachelor's of Science in Business Adminstration

Boston University

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