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Denver, CO, USA


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Revolutionizing Work and Life with the Power of Play Are you ready to transform your personal and professional life through the magic of play? Meet Acey Holmes, your expert guide on this exhilarating journey. As a passionate play advocate with rich experience in education, speech-language pathology, and neuroscience, Acey brings a wealth of knowledge to every session. What to Expect in Your Session with Acey: Expert Insights: Dive into the fascinating world of play with Acey’s research-backed workshops, covering topics from the neuroscience of play to cultivating playfulness at work. Personalized Experience: Whether it's a 15-minute introduction or a deep-dive 90-minute session, each meeting is tailored to uncover your unique play identity and how it can enrich your life. Practical Tools: Learn how play can spark innovation, enhance problem-solving, and foster a culture of continuous growth in both personal and professional realms. Interactive and Engaging: Acey's sessions are far from ordinary. Expect an engaging, interactive experience that will leave you inspired and energized. Impact of Acey's Playful Work Design Consulting: Organizational Transformation: Witness how play can ignite a spark within teams, fueling engagement, motivation, and a vibrant work culture. Creative Solutions: Discover how thinking outside the box and embracing new ideas can lead to groundbreaking innovations. Stronger Teams: Learn how play fosters trust and collaboration, enhancing problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Lasting Influence: Experience how the principles of play can extend beyond the workplace, enriching your personal life and relationships. Your Next Step: Whether you're seeking a dynamic keynote speaker, an insightful workshop facilitator, or an innovative training consultant, Acey is dedicated to equipping you with the strategies you need to revolutionize your approach to work and life. Ready to Play? Say goodbye to boredom and embrace a more playful, fulfilling life. Book your session with Acey Holmes today and discover the transformative power of play!

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