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Casey Jenkins

Supply Chain & Process Improvement Consultant

Savannah, GA, USA


supply chain

process improvement

supply chain management

project management

continuous improvement

lean six sigma

Expert Bio

Casey Jenkins (CJ) stands out as a results-oriented business professional specializing in supply chain and process improvement. With a rich background encompassing over 10 years of diverse supply chain experience, Casey holds dual master’s degrees in Supply Chain Management and Project Management, accompanied by a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. She adeptly combines her educational prowess and hands-on experience to navigate and resolve intricate supply chain challenges, consistently achieving maximum results and operational excellence. A demonstrated track record in the strategic execution of various project types across numerous industries serves to highlight Casey’s expertise. Notably, she has successfully generated approximately $15 million through key initiatives and the completion of over 20 projects throughout her career. As an expert in supply chain, project management, lean, and process improvement, Casey is offering advisory services to provide educational and experience backed advice.


Master's Degree

Penn State University

Project Management

Jan 2024 - Aug 2024

Master's Degree

Penn State University

Supply Chain Management

Aug 2018 - Aug 2020

Bachelor's Degree

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Aug 2009 - May 2013

Licenses & Certifications

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Council for Six Sigma Certification

Issued Mar 2021

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