Greg Brashear

Wildlife Biologist & Media Specialist

Atlanta, GA, USA


alligator snapping turtle biologist

us fish and wildlife service

georgia department of natural resources

licensed biologist

permitted biologist

wildlife educator

Expert Bio

I am an Alligator Snapping Turtle biologist licensed and permitted through the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Georgia Department of Natural Resources. I’m also a certified wildlife educator specializing in turtles, tortoises and reptiles. Additionally I’m a professional photographer and videographer, and use these skills to share my work with animals with the world

About my sessions:

  • In my sessions I can help you learn more about turtle and reptile species, how to find them in the wild and get involved with field work, or how to care for them in captivity. After a one hour session you should walk away with a new knowledge and skill set to help you follow your passions for wildlife and captive keeping

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