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Brenda Eaton

Positive Psychology & Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Malvern, PA, USA


board certified behavior analyst

resilience coach

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Brenda Eaton is a dedicated professional and has worked in Public Special Education for 20 years. Driven by the overwhelming challenges of raising a child with challenges, she embarked on a transformative journey. Achieving Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) status in 2010, Brenda gained a deep understanding of behavior but felt a crucial element was missing. Recognizing the societal pitfalls of categorization, she delved into Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness. The result is "Grow Your Happy," a strengths-based practice emphasizing connection, insight, and compassion with positivity to grow resilience. Brenda envisions this initiative as a catalyst for reshaping mindsets, empowering parents to establish a new happiness set-point for themselves and their loved ones. Through positive practices, Brenda aims to foster resilience, helping individuals bounce back from challenges and live their best lives, creating a ripple effect of positivity in families and communities.


Training, Consultation and Resilience Coach

Grow Your Happy

Feb 2023 - Jan 2030

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Training, Consultation and Coach

Chester County Intermediate Unit

Feb 2003 - Nov 2022

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Adjunct Professor

Drexel University

Jan 2011 - Jun 2014

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Adjunct Professor

West Chester University

Aug 2008 - Aug 2013

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Master's in Education

Temple University


Sep 1997 - Aug 1998

Master's Degree

College of New Rochelle

Fine Studio Arts with an emphasis in Computer Graphics

Sep 1990 - Jun 1992

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Issued Sep 2010

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Positive Psychology: Character, Grit and Research Methods

University of Pennsylvania

Issued Sep 2019

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Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions

University of Pennsylvania

Issued Oct 2018

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Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills

University of Pennsylvania

Issued Sep 2018

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Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman's Visionary Science

University of Pennsylvania

Issued Oct 2017

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