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Caren Wilson L.E.

Holistic Skincare Specialist

Westhampton, NY, USA


oncology esthetician

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Hi there! I am thrilled to share my professional journey with you. With a passion for beauty through holistic practice, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals achieve their best selves. One of my key areas of expertise is face mapping and consultation using the SOAP method. The face has so much to tell about the body !!By thoroughly analyzing the skin and understanding its unique needs, I am able to provide tailored solutions for each individual. I also specialize in exercise facial musculature and offer Face Yoga instruction, which not only promotes a youthful appearance but also enhances overall well-being. In addition to my services, I provide access to pure holistic products and protocols that are carefully selected to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Inside to outside ;I firmly believe that caring for your skin goes beyond just surface-level treatments. It is about embracing a holistic approach and making healthy lifestyle choices that can truly turn back the clock on aging. Throughout my lifetime career, I have had the privilege of working with individuals of all ages and skin conditions. I work my protocols /Internal to external From those dealing with heavy metal poisoning or detoxification and alopecia to cancer patients . I have witnessed the transformative power of holistic facial expertise. My personal experiences have shaped my understanding and empathy, allowing me to provide the utmost care and support to my clients. If you are someone who seeks knowledge and results without the empty promises or skin trauma, then I am the ideal candidate for you. I understand the frustrations of those who have been to dermatologists or other practitioners without seeing the desired outcomes. With me, you can expect a friendly and enthusiastic approach, backed by years of experience and a genuine desire to help you achieve your skincare goals. I am excited to embark on this journey with you, and together, we will unlock your true beauty potential. Let's reverse the aging process and embrace a holistic approach to skincare.

About my sessions:

  • Every session is bespoke for your needs. This is very important that we customize your sessions and create some goals!




Esthetic Specialist/ retreat leader

The Youthing Rx

Feb 2019 - current

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Jan 1981


Universal Beauty

Skincare /Makeup

Jun 1981

Advanced Med Makeup

Westmore Los Angeles

Restoration and Camouflage

Jun 1990

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NY Appearance Enhancement Lic

The Youth-ing Rx LLC

Issued Feb 2019

PMU Advanced

Beau Institute

Issued Jan 2000

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