Lilly Saouli

Certified Trauma informed Unstuck Master Coach

Chicago, IL, USA


high achiever


complex trauma

certified master life coach

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Stuck in Freeze

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Are you stuck in a rut and can't seem to break free? I've been there . As a high achiever I navigated my way through several burnouts and complex trauma. I know what it's like to try , time and time again, to step towards your desired goal but having this persistent feeling of being stuck or frozen in place. I am a trauma informed Certified Master Life Coach, bringing over 1000 hours of experience guiding clients break free from their limitations and live a life aligned with their values. My expertise lies in helping individuals get unstuck, discover answers from within, fostering unwavering inner-trust, and boosting self-confidence. Through my coaching, clients have taken empowered steps, leading to enhanced overall well-being, more meaningful relationships, higher paid careers and successful businesses. Let me guide you on your journey to get unstuck and feel empowered from within. If you're ready for lasting change , let's connect and get started.

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