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My name is Yolanda Nollie, and I am a Podcaster, Producer, Media & Television Influencer, and Radio & TV Entertainment professional. I am also a Top Contributor Writer for Brainz Magazine and have been featured in LA Weekly Magazine as a Top Writing Voice and thought leader I was awarded a humanitarian of the year. Throughout my career, I have gained expertise in various areas, including podcasting, producing, powerlifting, and entertainment & media business strategy consulting. I have also worked as a publicist, helping individuals and companies effectively promote their brands and reach their target audience. My professional journey began with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing and Design from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, Georgia. I also hold a minor degree in legal studies from City College in Orlando, Florida, and I currently attained my associate idegree in IT Technology from WOZ U - University School of Technology. One of the unique aspects of my background is my passion for powerlifting. I am not just an powerlifter, but a competitive one. I believe in breaking barriers and proving that women can excel in any field, including traditionally male-dominated ones. This determination and resilience can also be seen in my four years of service in the Naval military as an E-3. In addition to my physical strength, I possess a voice that has been compared to that of an angel. I am a fantastic singer and an amazing songwriter, using my voice to bring joy and inspiration to others. In the business world, I have demonstrated my capabilities as an executive director and executive producer of two companies and two podcasts. My ability to effectively manage multiple companies showcases my excellent multitasking skills and sets me apart from my peers. I am also an embodiment of knowledge, allowing me to excel in various aspects of life. I am a best-selling author of the book "How to Profit in Entertainment Social Media Guide" and have found success in freelance fitness and entertainment networking. Currently, I serve as the CEO of Master Entertainment Workshops Corp 501c3,, and MasterPrintz Print & Design. I am also the Event Coordinator for the Orlando International Film Festival 2022 and have been awarded the OIFF Humanitarian Award 2022. Additionally, I am the assistant Event Coordinator for the ICFF International Christian Film and Music Festival 2023. As an Executive Contributive Writer for Brainz Magazine, I have been recognized as one of the top women business leaders and have been honored with a place on the prestigious Brainz Magazine 500 Global Awards List. I am motivated to help and inspire others, particularly athletes, struggling entrepreneurs, and media talents, to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. With my diverse skill set and extensive experience, I am uniquely qualified to provide valuable advice and guidance in various areas.


Entertainment & Media Business Strategist Consultant

Master Entertainment Workshops Nonprofit 501c3

Mar 2021 - current

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