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Grass Valley, CA, USA


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Dr. Fred Moss Link to headshot file: DrFredMoss_PodcastHeadshot.png Menu of Links: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Long Bio: Dr. Fred Moss is a mental health advocate/psychiatrist serving in many capacities: keynote speaker, psychiatry expert witness, podcaster, mental health coach, and teacher. A desire to help people be real and heard has been the driving force leading him to multiple settings and roles as a psychiatrist over the years and compelling him to continually look for better, more effective ways to provide the highest quality care to align people with their most authentic self to deliver into an eagerly awaiting world. He is the amazing creator of Welcome To Humanity, The True Voice Course, Healing the Healer, and Global Madness. As the founder of the Welcome to Humanity movement, and the True Voice Mastermind and methodology, Dr. Fred now finds himself making the difference he came here to make. His years in the community, where he has been a physician to over 40,000 patients, and his storied and adventurous life traveling around the world has left him uniquely qualified to remind us of what we already know. Communication is where love arises from, and speaking the truth and listening authentically is the source of that love. Dr. Fred is married to his dream partner, Alexandra, and lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. He is the proud father of two beautiful children in Texas and is owned collectively by his three cats, Valentino, Despacito, and Winston. He is the author of "Creative 8 - Healing Through Creativity and Self-Expression" and "Find Your True Voice!". He has written many articles for Psychology Today. Also, he has won an award for the best essay at the 2019 Conference for Global Transformation, titled "Global Madness, What Must Happen to Unite.” Fred has also led many courses in True Voice Podcasting, taking people from zipped-lip to podcaster in 12 short weeks. His most recent course is titled "True Voice Course" and is intended to help people who know they have something to say, to rediscover what that really is and get it out into the world. His most recent work is centered around the healing of the healers, aptly named Healing the Healer. The brilliant virtual course reminds the transitioning healers of the world that are released from their official position of a doctor, nurse, social worker, or clinician of any type, which may not be the trauma that they are likely feeling. In fact, it may be an opportunity to reset, rediscover and reenter the healing world in a new capacity, profoundly more aligned with themselves than they have ever been. A mastermind of like-minded individuals is also offered to capitalize on the essential power of community to assist when making significant paradigmatic shifts. Quotes: “Communication, connection, being with others, creativity, self-expression, and listening are at the core of all healing and not just in mental health but in all healing including some of the healing that we could certainly use right now these days.” – Dr. Fred Moss “There’s a decision the user has to make, the user has to agree tacitly that there’s something wrong with them, such that an additional supplemental biological chemical intervention is required. So, it is in the agreement, not in the substance.” – Dr. Fred Moss “The essence is as things are, you and I are whole and complete right now.” – Dr. Fred Moss “All you have is what you have and you, my friend, as you are, are whole and perfect, just like you are. And life is whole and perfect.” – Dr. Fred Moss “Mental health is subject to the conversations we use to describe it. Only… only, only subject to that.” – Dr. Fred Moss Hosted Podcasts: The Healthy Healer [IN]Sanity Podcast with Dr. Fred & Sam Welcome To Humanity The Go-To Links to Dive into this powerful work: Get the Free Guide: 5 Steps to Rediscovering Your True Voice Using Podcasting To check out his signature program, click here: | Schedule a Free Discovery Call with Dr Fred, click here:

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