Mark Wesson

HealthTech Venture Partner & Strategic Advisor

San Francisco, CA, USA

Expert Bio

Mark Wesson is a highly skilled career healthcare services and research program professional turned venture partner with the skills, insights, acumen, and recommendations to scout and build early-stage HealthTech companies. He is also adept at identifying truly innovative HealthTech investment opportunities that are well positioned for product-market fit, verifiable need on a sustainable path to growth, and identification or creation of blue ocean opportunities. He assists companies in achieving a broader market appeal using product, customer, partner, or innovative adjacencies not previously considered.  Throughout his career, he has found and applied new and more effective ways of ensuring high-quality patient care. To do that, he relies daily on remaining informed about the latest leadership and technology news. Mark provides consulting services to help mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, healthcare services, and technologies companies optimize their market success throughout the corporate and product life cycles. He conducts complete business analytics to identify areas that impact quality, operational excellence, identify systemic or process impediments to success, and adaptation of company/product proposed or active business models to more or new relevant market(s) and/or segment(s). Mark advises clients and startups on product and market strategy, emerging technologies and strategic and policy directions, and innovative problem-solving methods to assure a future-facing and agile path to success. He provides these services as an independent consultant; through several startup accelerators as a Mentor; and through online advisory platforms. He is the Principal Consultant at Healthcare Development Consultancy, a reviewer for three academic journals, has been invited as a judge for startup competitions, thrives on bringing notice to true innovations that achieve lowering cost, increasing access, and maximizing quality in all of his work. Please feel free at anytime to email him at [email protected] or [email protected].


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