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Holistic Health Consultant & Naturopath

Willits, CA, USA


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Claudia Wenning Claudia Wenning is a Holistic Health Consultant. Early in life she learned about herbs, and natural health care, and studied Naturopathy in Germany, Italy, France, England, the US, and India. Naturopathy is based on using all-natural elements and remedies to return the body to a state of wholeness and balance, the foundation of good health, by utilizing herbs, supplements, food choices, natural therapies, and lifestyle counseling. Claudia holds a PhD in Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, 1993, and an MA Lit. Naturopath for Psychotherapy, HPP, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, FMCHC, Certified Nutritional Consultant, CNC, Western Herbalist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, RTTP, certified in Zone Technique, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massage and additional modalities. She offers sessions in person and online worldwide, and has led "Quantum Level Transformation - QLT" seminars and groups in the US and Germany since 2011, US trademark 2012. For many years she has been exclusively tutored in perception-changing methods based on Shamanism and Mysticism, and these extensive teachings have deeply transformed her perception and perspectives. Claudia developed proprietary treatment modalities, based on her impressions of how energy flows in the human body, and with “Energy Balancing” assists her clients to come back to Vital Balance. Vital Balance is the foundation for healing to occur in body, mind, and soul. She also formulates custom protocols and organic, biodynamic, naturopathic remedies for her line “Organic Remedies”. In individual sessions, she accompanies her clients to what she calls the “Quantum Level”, the “place of no limits”. Together they unveil the path for the client to come back to health, balance, well-being, contentment, and abundance on all levels. It is a safe and sacred process, a journey of coming home to oneself, and of letting go of all that does not serve us anymore. The Quantum Level is where we receive insights and hone our intuition, here we gain clarity and can reveal purpose, and we get a sense of individual choices and direction. Here we receive new perspectives on the past, present, and future and we experience an uplifted and liberated state of being.

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