Diana Gasper

Travel Industry Coach & Luxury Travel Advisor

Durham, NC, USA


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Expert Bio

I am Diana Gasper, a Certified Life and Business Coach with a specific area of expertise in the Travel and Tourism Industry. As an industry leader, influencer, and advocate, I have been recognized both nationally and internationally for my innovative work in the travel industry. From winning the Malkia wa Nguvu Award for Business Innovation in Tanzania to being recognized by the International Trade Center as She Trades Globally in Liverpool, UK, and honored with a Humanitarian Award in Canada for my work empowering women in Africa, I am a trailblazer who is changing lives around the world. Through my non-profit organization, STUKA TANZANIA, I am helping women achieve their dreams by providing them with entrepreneurship education and empowering them to succeed. I firmly believe that women have what it takes to be successful, and I am dedicated to breaking down the traditional barriers that have held them back. But my impact doesn't stop there. Through exchange programs and personalized luxury travel experiences, I have helped thousands of people around the world have unforgettable vacations and create lifelong friendships. With my infectious passion for travel and my commitment to empowering others, I am a true trailblazer who is changing lives and inspiring others to do the same. In terms of my professional journey, I started my career as a nurse and successfully shifted from the nursing field to the travel industry. I have turned my passion for travel into big dollars and am now celebrating a decade in the travel industry. With over 12 years of experience working with corporate customers, banks, families, couples, and individuals to plan meaningful trips around the world, I have become a trusted Luxury Travel Advisor and Industry Coach. I have helped hundreds of newcomers and experienced professionals in the travel business start and grow their own travel businesses in different niches within the industry. I am uniquely qualified to provide advice and guidance to travel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who are looking to start and grow their businesses, especially those who are looking to put the systems in place for their travel business. If you are ready to take your travel business to the next level and achieve your dreams, I am here to support and guide you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey together and create a successful and fulfilling future in the travel industry.

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