Laura Lyles-Reagan

Family Communication Coach; Conscious Parent and Teen Coach; Corporate Conflict Resolution

San Antonio, TX, USA


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I’m a family sociologist serving as a family communication coach specializing in improving parent and teen communication. I help parents and teens get back on track and navigate conflict to build positive futures together with no drama. I’m also a youth development researcher and award-winning author of How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Teen and parent Communication. I launched two awesome powerful young adult daughters who actually seek my advice. We enjoy family hikes, kayaking and science fiction/fantasy movies when we can, still. But we spend most of our time with my grandson (their son and nephew respectively). He brings us so much joy! A turning point in my conscious parenting journey was mapping out the conscious communication skills I teach families. They were transformational with my daughters and are the same for other families I coach. But don't take my word for it. Here's what one Dad, Simon C. shared. "I used to nag my children and there were a lot of arguments. Laura's approach of conscious communication made me more aware of owning how I was feeling rather than going in and blaming them. Laura was very encouraging of everyone and warmly connected even with our most sullen teen. Now we hardly ever argue, because we have little reason to. I feel more connected to my kids and there more collaboration as a result." Visit my website to read what other parents say about the research-based family approach. You can even download my free Conversation Starters to use with your teen at I also apply a similar research-based approach to corporate communication and conflict resolution opportunities as a consultant.




Parent and Teen Communication Coaching

Heart 2 Heart Parents

Jan 2013 - Dec 2023

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University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Sociology - Family Communication

Jun 1996 - May 1998

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Masters in Sociology and Communication

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