Jessica Olives

Nonprofit Governance & Strategy Advisor

Las Vegas, NV, USA


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I'm Jessica Olives, your dedicated Nonprofit Governance & Strategy Advisor, passionate about catalyzing positive change through effective organizational leadership. With over two decades of experience in administrative management and a specialization in nonprofit governance, I bring a unique blend of strategic insight and hands-on expertise to guide your organization toward excellence. Expertise Highlights: 1. Governance Mastery: My journey is defined by a deep understanding of nonprofit governance, honed through years of collaborating with diverse organizations. From facilitating board retreats to crafting robust governance frameworks, I specialize in transforming governance challenges into opportunities for growth. 2. Strategic Visionary: Strategic planning is the cornerstone of organizational success. I have a proven track record of developing and implementing visionary strategies that align with the mission and values of nonprofits. Let's co-create a roadmap that propels your organization toward its long-term goals. 3. Board Empowerment: As a Governance Advisor, I've empowered numerous boards to function at their best. From conducting board assessments to tailor-made training sessions, my approach is centered around elevating individual and collective board member capabilities for impactful governance. 4. Inclusive Leadership: Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are fundamental pillars of effective governance. I am committed to fostering inclusive leadership practices, ensuring that your organization's board reflects the diversity of the communities it serves. Services Offered: Strategic Governance Workshops: Engage your board in dynamic sessions to fortify their understanding of governance principles and foster a culture of strategic thinking. Customized Board Assessments: Identify strengths and areas for improvement within your board, paving the way for targeted development initiatives. Strategic Planning Facilitation: Collaboratively design a robust strategic plan that aligns with your mission, setting the stage for organizational success. Inclusive Governance Training: Equip your board with the tools to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a governance structure that reflects the richness of perspectives. Your Journey to Excellence Begins: Partner with me, and let's embark on a journey to elevate your nonprofit's governance, strategy, and overall impact. Together, we can turn challenges into stepping stones, ensuring your organization thrives in its mission to create positive change. Reach out today, and let's build a governance and strategy framework that propels your nonprofit to new heights.




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Network of Executive Women dba NextUp

Chief of Staff

Sea-Tac International Airport

Clerk of the Board/Executive Assistant

King County Housing Authority

Clerk of the Board

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Airport Operations Specialist

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BA Business Administration

Wilhelm-Merton-Business College

Managerial Economics

Jul 2002 - May 2006

Licenses & Certifications

Ethics of Communication

University of Notre Dame

Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Boards & the Governance Process

University at Buffalo

Strategic Planning & Execution

University of Virginia

Managing Board Change for Higher Levels of Leadership and Governance Effectiveness

University at Buffalo

Digital Transformation Specialist Certifications

Indian School of Business

Planning Quality Improvement Projects (A3 Problem Solving)

Indian School of Business

Introduction to Software Product Management

University of Alberta

Business Statistics & Analysis

Rice University

Roles & Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board of Directors

University at Buffalo

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Organizations, Leadership & Governance

University at Buffalo

Paralegal Certificate

Blackstone Career Institute

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