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Zen Benefiel, a mosaic of wisdom and wonder, embodies a journey marked by an unwavering pursuit of enlightenment, a symphony of cognitive science, futurism, and philosophy. Born orphaned in Indianapolis, Indiana, he was raised by the Benefiels, instilled with the ethics, morals, and values of his father, a 32nd Degree Mason and toolmaker, and mother, an English teacher​​. Zen's professional saga began post-divorce and leaving an aerospace company, where he delved into the realms of media as the producer and host of "One World," a cable access television show. It explored human conditions, fears, and solutions, spanning personal and professional environments. His ease in chaos and knack for creating order led him to manage large public events and a nationwide electronic scoring system for corporate fund-raising go-cart races​​. His educational endeavors are as vast as his experiences, with a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, alongside certifications in life coaching, hypnotherapy, secondary teaching, and desktop publishing​​. Professionally, Zen is a maestro of transformation, authoring numerous articles, blogs, books, and papers on transformational topics. His role as a facilitator of partnering workshops and management training programs has influenced numerous organizations, focusing on building collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. His expertise has also been pivotal in organizing and managing large-scale events, demonstrating his versatility and leadership​​. Beneath his professional veneer lies a spiritual philosopher, an advocate for harmony among people and planet. His life, a testament to the quest for cosmic consciousness, was profoundly impacted by the contemplation of his grandchildren's future, propelling him into a deeper understanding of life, love, and happiness​​. The moniker 'Zen' emerged from a transformative meditation experience, symbolizing his journey of self-discovery and introspection. This journey has led him to establish and manage several organizations, including Be The Dream, LLC, Spectrum Academy, Inc., Team Partnering, LLC, and United We Stand Productions, LLC, each a beacon of his vision and mission to coalesce possibilities and nurture global peace and understanding​​​​. Zen's path, adorned with the guidance of phenomenal mentors, has been a relentless pursuit of understanding and compassion, a tapestry woven from the threads of personal plights and professional endeavors. His story, a blend of the intellectual and the spiritual, continues to unfold, each chapter a new exploration into the depths of human potential and the vast expanse of collective consciousness​​​​​​​​.

About my sessions:

  • Catalytic Conversations to engage self-awareness, skillset, passion and purpose toward excellence in life and work.


Materiel Coordinator

Allied-Signal Aerospace

Jan 1984 - Feb 1989


Can Do! Productions, Inc

Jun 1990 - Aug 1992

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Secondary Teacher

Phoenix Union District, Omega Academy charter, Chandler Arts & Technology charter, Via del Sol charter school

Mar 1998 - May 2003

Construction Partnering Facilitator

Team Partnering

Jun 2004 - current

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Co-Executive Director - COO

Live and Let Live Foundation

Mar 2022 - current

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Be The Dream

Jun 2004 - current

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University of Phoenix

Business Administration

Aug 1995 - Feb 1997

MA - Organizational Management

University of Phoenix

Organizational Management

May 2002 - Oct 2003

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