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Expert Bio I am the Human Search Engine. I am the Fountain of Knowledge. Hello! Good Day! My name is Miss. Angela Olanike Akinbohun aka Anne Akin. I am 40 years old. I live in Northern Virginia near Washington, DC. I love to read books, print magazines, and print newspapers. I love to watch documentary films and Old Hollywood/ Golden Age Movies. I am an older college-university student. I am studying allied health (medical: assistant, support staff, law, ethics, software, and technology). I work as a nonprofit consultant (philanthropy, fundraising, grant writing, etc...). I am a small business consultant (tech startups, restaurants, travel agencies, the beauty industry, the U.S. Military & Military Spouses). I am a consumer retail shopping consultant for the luxury goods and luxury services sector/ industry. I am a professional business & career mentor. I have a business partnership with an enterprise software solutions inventor. I sell digital and metal NFC business cards. I like to help entrepreneurs and startups with : business professional networking, corporate events, social events, night club events, business travel, team building exercises, corporate food/ meal/ beverage catering/ culinary experiences, lead generation, prospecting, business introductions & referrals, vendor sourcing, finding and keeping new clients/ customers/ consumers, customer loyalty rewards), etc...I am a luxury living concierge, a luxury personal stylist, a luxury personal shopper, and a travel agent. I like to help other people build strong business relationships, lifelong friendships (Friend Finder), and successful marriages (matrimonial matchmaker and dating coach). My father retired from his working life in December of 2021. My father/ dad has worked at several different prestigious and respected careers as a mechanical engineer and technical consultant (subject matter expert). My father/ dad has worked as a mechanical engineer, technical consultant, public speaker, and corporate trainer at: WMATA / METRO (mass transit, public transit, the subway); Marriott International Hotel Group; The DOD/ Department of Defense/ The Pentagon (Boeing; Lockheed Martin; Haliburton; KBR; Raytheon; Northrop Grumman; etc...); The State Department; The Army Corps of Engineers; and The Environmental Protection Agency EPA; and FEMA. My dad/ father used to work for the Nigerian Federal Government. My dad/ father is a life-long real estate investor and car/ auto collector. I work with my dad/ father in the family home office. As his eldest daughter, I am required to act in a professional, ethical, transparent, and honest manner. Thank you. Have a great week.

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