Laura Fredericks

Startup CMO & Marketing Mentor

Washington D.C., DC, USA


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startup head of marketing

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I am a four-time startup founder, startup head of marketing, and fractional CMO, as well as a coach, mentor, and advisor to startups of various sizes. I’ve worked with cutting edge tech businesses over the last 15+ years to lay their strategic foundations, find their first customers, and position themselves for success. I have experience building and growing businesses in FinTech, blockchain, crypto, education, publishing, SaaS, and ecommerce. Throughout my career I’ve doubled down on the challenges that I found most rewarding. I’ve learned to approach marketing with an ownership mindset - I know that the experiments I run and the communities I build have a direct impact on the growth of the business, and I’ve seen that play out as the business grows and scales. In my spare time I love to play with new AI tools and find creative ways to use them in my work and personal life. I also recently completed my first triathlon, and I can confidently say I'm hooked!

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