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Unlocking your professional potential for success! With a stellar 99% success rate, I am your go-to recruiter, career services specialist, resume writer, career alignment coach, and LinkedIn profile writer. Let's skyrocket your career to new heights together! ✨🚀 ——————————————————————————————————————————————— With over 12 years of experience, Sophia has become a true master in resume writing, career coaching, and LinkedIn expertise. Sophia noticed a gap in career development resources for modern-day "Career Enthusiasts" and decided to take matters into her own hands. She founded, a global powerhouse in the professional writing industry, and has helped countless job seekers take their careers to the next level. Sophia's passion for educating the public on career strategies, interviews, LinkedIn, and resume writing is unmatched. She is dedicated to assisting professionals in reaching new heights, securing job interviews, exploring new opportunities, and even landing those coveted six-figure salaries. For a quick snapshot of Ms. Ottey's professional overview, the below includes a summary of her accomplishments: ✨ 4,000+ clients hired ✨ 12 years of industry experience ✨ Founder of ✨ 500+ client testimonial reviews obtained ✨ Guarantees interviews ( 99% success rate) ✨ Hired by LinkedIn, LVE, Randstad Risesmart, Pathstream, and TopStack Resume to facilitate resume writing services ✨ Recognized as an industry expert. ✨ Digital Content Creator Her qualifications and skillsets include: 💡Correcting words to use when listing the applicant's qualifications, skills, education, and job history. 💡Presenting the applicant's qualifications, job history, and experience in a clear and readable format. 💡Preparing resumes and summaries of qualifications for an applicant who is searching for a job. 💡Formulating an applicant's resume so that it makes a favorable impression quickly. 💡Setting up the applicant's work experience on paper in a variety of ways. 💡Researching the best design to catch a potential employer's attention. 💡Aware of what potential employers are looking for in a candidate. Ms. Ottey's most recent client testimonials include: 💙 LinkedIn: Sophia Ottey 💙 Website: 💙 Facebook: OSPP Resume Writing 💙 Thumbtack: OSPP Resume Writing Need a Public Speaker for your next event? Let connect!

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