Nura Alkhazaeleh

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Oxnard, CA, USA



somatic therapy

cupping techniques

energy healing

touch therapy

tension release

Expert Bio

Hi there! My name is Nura and I'm thrilled to share a little bit about myself with you. My passion lies in the world of massage and somatic therapy, herbalism, and holistic health and wellness. When it comes to massage, I specialize in deep tissue and cupping techniques, as well as somatic therapy and energy healing. I believe in the power of touch to heal and restore balance to the body. Through my work, I aim to help my clients release tension, reduce pain, and find a sense of inner peace. In addition to my expertise in massage, I have also delved into the world of herbalism. I completed an apprenticeship in herbalism, where I learned about the incredible healing properties of plants and how to create natural remedies. This knowledge has allowed me to take a holistic approach to health, incorporating herbal remedies, organic food, supplements, and nutrition into my practice. My professional journey has been filled with exciting milestones. I attended a well known massage therapy school, where I honed my skills and gained a deep understanding of the human body. I also had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in India, where I immersed myself in the ancient practices of Ayurveda and yoga. This experience broadened my perspective and deepened my appreciation for holistic healing. In addition to my hands-on training, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Global Studies, which has given me a unique understanding of different cultures and their approaches to health and wellness. I am a certified massage therapist and holistic health practitioner, which allows me to provide expert advice and guidance in these areas. I am truly passionate about helping others on their journey to wellness and believe that everyone deserves to live a life filled with vitality and joy. Whether you're seeking relief from physical pain or looking to improve your overall well-being, I am here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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