Sedric Louissaint

Cybersecurity Expert & Solutions Architect

Orlando, FL, USA

Expert Bio

Sedric Louissaint is a highly experienced cybersecurity subject matter expert with over 9 years of experience with hands on technical and management experience in providing IT solutions, IT security, customer service, and project management. Sedric has designed and managed IT security programs in various industries. Sedric has 3 CVEs and has reported over 100 zero day vulnerabilities responsibly. Sedric has an Associate and Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Technology with a specialization in Cybersecurity. Sedric also has a Technical Certificate as an Information Technology Client Specialist. Additionally, Sedric has over 15 IT & Cybersecurity related certifications related to network, application, hardware, and cloud security. Throughout his career, Sedric has worked with a wide range of clients, including large corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. He has helped these clients to develop and implement effective cybersecurity strategies, as well as providing training and support to their staff. Sedric is well-versed in a variety of cybersecurity tools, tactics, procedures, and technologies.



subject matter expert

it solutions

it security

customer service

project management

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