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Park City, UT, USA


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Brock Johnson is a 26-year-old, 7-figure entrepreneur with a passion for helping others grow their following and business on Instagram. In 2017, Brock launched his business with his first E-course, teaching moms how to protect their teens on Snapchat. Shortly after launching that business and while playing college football, Brock pivoted to focus on Social Media Marketing and growth. Over the past 6 years, he has worked with tens of thousands of creators and business owners to grow their social media. Brock grew his own Instagram following by 400K in one year and continues to grow at a rate of over 1,000 people per day. As Co-host of a top 10 business Podcast with his mom, instructor of multiple online courses, Meta consultant, and viral social media creator, Brock is a leading expert in the field of social media growth and short form video content. Grow Your Business with 1:1 Coaching! Ready to take your Instagram, and business to the next level? I have helped business owners, authors, speakers, non-profits, and celebrities accelerate their growth, revive engagement, and increase their income with proven Instagram Strategies. Coaching Includes: 1. Thorough review and analysis of current Instagram + recommended changes 2. Detailed & Personalized Instagram strategy: - Post ideas + Idea generation strategy - Content strategies for improving engagement & reach - SEO + Hashtag Strategy - Stories Strategy 3. Competitor analysis 4. Lead generation/Sales strategy - Top of funnel marketing - Possible alternative income opportunities 5. 1-year Access to the InstaClubHub Our 1-hour private video meeting will be based on your questions and the topics of your choosing. My Students Real Results: - Over 100k Real Instagram Followers in under a year - Built an online academy with over 1000 students - Launched a Podcast that Ranked in the Top 20 of the Business Category - Generated a full-time income from Instagram with a small audience (<20K)

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