Sravanthi Kadali

Product Leadership Coach & Advisor

New York, NY, USA


product strategy

product career development

product management


consumer product

Expert Bio

Award-winning product leader. Recognized by VentureBeat & Amplitude as Best Product Leader, Large Company in 2022, and led Lyft to win a Google Material Design in 2018. Most recently, I was responsible for Lyft's consumer app & experience and rideshare offerings & partnerships, leading a cross-functional organization of ~200 and managed 12 talented product managers - the youngest product leader to grow to this level at Lyft. As a people manager, I was recognized for building teams that strong ICs wanted to join. Before that, I steered Lyft through several publicly recognized app evolutions. Well positioned to coach you through topics like: the transition from IC to people manager to manager of managers; working on a design- and ML-heavy product area; leading a cross-functional team; preparing for interviews and promotions; and identifying the right kinds of PM roles for you.

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