Sarah Bowlin

User Experience Researcher & Entrepreneur

Austin, TX, USA



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Expert Bio

Hey there! I'm Sarah, a qualitative user experience researcher and entrepreneur. I've always had a passion for facilitating meaningful experiences outdoors, which led me to start my own freeze-dried food company and create a beautiful campground and retreat space in West Texas called La Loma Camp. As an entrepreneur, I thrive on bringing people closer to nature and providing them with unforgettable experiences. My freeze-dried food company, Bowl & Kettle, is all about offering premium, restaurant-quality meals that are perfect for outdoor adventures. And with La Loma Camp, I've created a serene and rejuvenating space where people can connect with nature and themselves through booking a retreat experience, or their own campground stay. On the research front, I've had the privilege of working with some incredible companies. I began my career at Facebook (Meta), where I honed my skills on their research operations team. From there, I transitioned to Airbnb, where I built their research operations team from scratch. It was an amazing experience, but I wanted to dive deeper into research, so I took on my first full-time researcher role. At Airbnb, I focused on accessibility research, specifically improving the search-to-book experience for individuals with severe vision disabilities. After relocating to Austin, Texas, I joined The Zebra as their first-ever researcher. I built a team of 12 talented researchers who supported all major product teams, as well as marketing and other core business units. My next adventure took me to Outdoorsy, where I became their first user experience researcher. There, I developed an insights-driven practice that helped the company better understand their users and improve their overall experience. Since early 2023, I've been freelancing as a UX researcher, collaborating with startups and e-commerce companies to provide impactful insights that drive positive change. I love helping these companies understand how to enhance their user experience and ultimately boost their bottom line. Freelancing has also given me the opportunity to focus on my own side hustles. Bowl & Kettle and La Loma Camp are both set to launch in 2024, and I couldn't be more excited to share these passions with the world. If you're a stakeholder at a startup or technology company looking for insights about your users and how to improve their experience, I'm your go-to person. Whether you need me to work with your existing research team, step in as a researcher when you need it most, or even mentor a junior researcher, I'm here to help you make a positive impact. I can't wait to connect with you and discuss how we can collaborate to create exceptional user experiences. Let's make magic happen!

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