Jessica Langrock

Software Quality & Security Expert

New York, NY, USA

Expert Bio

My name is Jessica and I am on a mission to ensure that your software is excellent. With a wealth of experience gathered from my tenures at Software Improvement Group, VMware, and Lumen, I have not only honed my technical expertise but also cultivated a unique network dedicated to optimizing your software assets. One key areas of proficiency I support is software quality assessments. Scrutinizing the quality of software codebases with a discerning eye is the type's of projects I support. With SIG, we delve deep into the intricacies of code, meticulously unraveling hidden weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and inefficiencies. My commitment to this craft culminates in a comprehensive report that serves as your guiding light in understanding the true health of your software. Security vigilance is another area I support. My tenure in the tech industry has endowed me with a profound ability to spot security flaws in software. I am equipped with a superpower that enables me to unearth vulnerabilities, detect looming threats, and foresee potential breaches. Allow me to fortify your software's defense against the perils of the digital realm, creating a fortress of cybersecurity around your invaluable assets. Codebase resilience is another forte of mine. I possess the transformative power to turn brittle, high-maintenance code into a robust and easily maintainable system. By doing so, I guarantee that your software not only stands the test of time but also evolves gracefully, adapting seamlessly to the ever-changing tech landscape. Digital transformation, a complex journey for many, holds no secrets for me. Drawing upon my years of experience, I will expertly guide your organization through this transformative process. Together, we'll align your software with your business objectives, ensuring that it keeps pace with the dynamic tech landscape and becomes a catalyst for your digital success. Technical debt eradication is another area where I can provide valuable insights. I fully understand how technical debt can cast a shadow over your development endeavors. It is my prerogative to help you identify and eliminate technical debt, liberating resources for innovation and growth. The result? A software infrastructure that's not weighed down by past mistakes but poised for future excellence. Performance optimization is yet another aspect of my expertise. Be it a web application, a mobile app, or a complex enterprise system, I possess the wisdom to enhance their performance. Through my expertise, your software will provide a seamless and exceptional user experience, creating satisfied customers and enabling your organization to thrive. Throughout my professional journey, I have gained valuable experience and achieved significant milestones. I began programming in high school with Girls Who Code and even sneaked into NYU hackathons. From there, I studied Business Information Systems at the University of Pittsburgh. After several internships, I joined VMware on America's team for Operations. Two years later, I joined Lumen to learn about the world of Telecom and IT Due Diligence. Now, at Software Improvement Group, I am building a voice for technical health for a healthier digital world.


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